MDF door hangers?

Ok, so I have a project that I’m trying to put together and sell.
I made a couple of proto-types for a door hangers one out of plywood and the other out of MDF. The MDF came out much cleaner and just plane looked better but my concern is with a door hanger if its out doors how can I make the MDF weather resistant? They will be painted but is the paint enough to keep them looking nice?

I dont think you can make sawdust and glue weather proof. Have you considered pvc for your project. Pvc can be glued up for any thickness you need. Depending pn where you live ypu can get it in sheets at Home Depot, Menards and others. Sign companies have pvc or maybe ght tell you were to get some. Plywood would have same problem as mdf.


they do make exterior grade MDF as well as other composite materials that are weather proof. here’s a site i just pulled up randomly

yes, weather resistant as well as weather proof materials. ex. HDPE is weather proof, some fiberglass infused materials I would classify as weather proof as they can be submerged. weather resistant would be materials that need a protective coating like a quality paint or resin coating. but after getting the coatings they can withstand extended time in the weather with periodic maintenance.

I have been eyeballing The Medite Tricoya Extreme at my local lumber shop.
50 years above water and 25 years submerged guarantee seems pretty good for MDF…

I have thought of using it for a torsion box table that’s subjected to high fluctuations in humidity.

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Thank you everyone for the comments,

I’m in Alaska so resources are limited and/or expensive. So looks like I’m gonna have to stick with the plywood.

Thank You again.

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