MDF replacement

Well this weeks project is almost complete. I installed the T-Track system and waste board on my new base for the XXL. Is there a prescribed method to replace the base without disassembly of the entire machine? This is what I was thinking:

  1. Loosen and remove M5 x 25mm BHCS.on MDF base
  2. Loosen (16) BHCS for Y 1 and Y 2 extrusion.
  3. Remove MDF base
  4. Slide new base into position from Y2 side
  5. Align new base to hole pattern and reinstall M5 BHCS
  6. Resquare and tighten the 16 BHCS on the ends of the Y1 and Y 2 extrusion
  7. Recalibrate
    Thanks in advance for your thought!!
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I am done. I wont be missing the MDF or the smell of cutting oil!

Looks great! How thick is your new aluminum base?

Its 5\8 and heavy as all hell didn’t lose any fingers or toes so that is a plus

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I have been wanting to acquire an aluminum XXL base… if I recall from your other thread, you acquired this from a local resource? I’ve got to say I really like it.

I don’t remember, did you pre-drill/tap a hole array, or are your MDF sections and T-tracks fastened the the AL base per section?

I have kept my eye on the Shapeoko Users group, Ohio Diesel, and these forums, and there’s still no “off-the-shelf” or “group-buy” XXL table option (at least that has come to my attention). Note to Carbide or anyone else, produce a viable XXL aluminum base option and I’m all in.

I threaded all of the holes for the T-Track pieces then cut,drilled, and tapped all of the holes for the PVC waste board pieces. The good thing is I will not have to ever do it again. By using the PVC board. I will just cut new pieces of PVC and glue them to the old surfaced pieces with PVC glue, then resurface and rock and roll! I have been using the PVC in my Nomad and it is so nice to just be able to add a new waste board when ever necessary. Some people have complained about the dust created using the PVC, not me, I love the stuff. I use it to prototype new fishing lure designs because I can cut, glue, and fish a prototype in less than an hour. Cutting it will make a mess in your shop if you do not have a vacuum setup with a Hepa filter.

Interesting concept for certain, Craig. I hadn’t ever considered that approach for resurfacing, but it sound’s extremely reasonable and feasible.

I’ve done a lot of PVC milling myself and I don’t find it objectionable at all. I generally get long plastic-swarf cuttings and flakes with minimal smell and no perceivable dust. Like you I’m running a Suck-It boot, staged through a DustDeputy and HEPA filtered shop vac.

IMHO, having a solid/rigid AL base with threaded holes for clamping or easily accommodated wasteboard material that you can surface and resurface at will is the way to go.

Anyone know of legit a XXL AL base for purchase? Cash is in hand (hey Carbide?)