MDI + Jogging please

@robgrz I would love to be able to use MDI along with the jogging in order to enter relative locations to check my zero on difficult work pieces & fixture setups.

TL;DR: Please make homing optional between using MDI and jogging, or integrate MDI-like specified distance moves as an option in the jogging interface, perhaps as another “rapid positioning” option.

I want to indirectly check zero position against a relative offset feature on a fixture for pieces that are hard to establish a zero on because the stock itself doesn’t have reference features.

In this particular example, I’ve centered my tool on what should be the zero point, which is set on the top center of a hemispheric piece of material I’m engraving. Since I 3d-printed the fixture, all of the dimensions of the fixture are known, and I’d like to check a relative offset to a pair of edges to ensure my zero is centered without having to manually jog the whole way there.

If I could enter the known offset to the reference feature as a G0 move in X/Y and a padded Z value so that I’m floating ~5-6mm over my target relative position, I could then manually jog the last few mm and confirm that I am in fact a relative XYZ from zero, meaning my zero is set correctly. Or, if it isn’t, I’ll know how much to alter it by.

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