MDI question Would like to findinfo

As I cruize the boards I keep seeing posts that say to go to the mdi and enter info as posted, Such as $$, I get nothing.

Where do I go to learn about this?

I can make signs, I can import images, BUT when I run into an issue and research, some of the answers suggest I go to mdi.

Again where can I find the tutorial

Usually accessing the MDI is done only at the direction of support.

Please go to the Settings pane and open the Log, then when you go to the MDI pane and send $$ the values should appear in the Log.

If you have any difficulties, let us know at and we’ll do our best to assist.

Thanks Will,

As I read thru issues that reference MDI to resolve issues, I am unable to access MDI that is referenced in those “fixes”.
So yes, I will contact support. As I mentioned before, I want to learn half of what you know…

Hi @Zman,

the MDI pane is one of the screens in Carbide Create, so you just click on the “MDI” label at the top, and it should bring you here:

and then the “MDI commands” people talk about are just about typing things in that white text box, and clicking “Send”.

Trying typing $$ and SEND, it’s a harmless command that will just display your machine’s configuration value without changing anything. You will only be able to see anything if you previously opened the “Log” window, and that’s done from the Settings screen:

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From a usability perspective, it might make sense for Carbide Motion to provide the log text box as part of the main MDI tab by default so that you can see the recent history and the result of any commands you enter.

It’s somewhat reminsicent of the Apollo flight computer era to have a command entry box without results or log :wink:


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