Meacham knife scales

I’m having some trouble getting these knife scales to turn out now. I don’t remember what settings I used, but the first few times I milled them out it went perfectly. I believe I used a 1/8" flat em for roughing and a 1/16" ball em for finishing. I will attach images of properly finished scales along with what I’ve been coming up with lately. I’ve been messing around but I just keep scrapping material and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Ill attach a picture of my current meshcam settings as well.

You could try a smaller stepover. I typically use 10% of the ball end mill diameter, so that would be 0.006" instead of the 0.015" you are using. Also you might try “Cut Along Y” so that your finish cuts go along the length of the part rather than across.

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Thank you! I’ll give that a try

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