Measure how long all paths are in a project?

I’m wondering if there is a button or tool available to view how long the line paths are in my project. I use LED strips in my work and it would be tremendously easier if I could tell how long the paths are my machine is running on.

You can use the scale tool. Here are two examples. One is a simple line and the other is a triangle. Both were made with the poly line tool.

There is a measure tool:

Sorry…but the real answer is “No”. There are tools that measure the bounding box for objects - and a tool that will measure between two points (both mentioned above), but what you’re looking for - a tool that takes one or more vectors / objects and tells you how long the actual path is (around curves, etc.) - has been asked for, but not yet developed.


Yeah that’s what I figured. Shame something like this has been implemented yet but I guess all I can do is wait!