Measuring Jar Top Threads

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Have you mastered the fine art of jar top/lid thread measurement?

It seems so many jar lids are different sizes depending on the brand - even among pasta sauce jars.

We tried one cell app but it kept freezing as it would measure the circumference of the jar lid.

It’s a great task for PLA.

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None whatsoever, however googling it I found a bunch of info on standard sizes, details on Thread Major diameter, Minor diameter, and neck Inside diameter, distance to first thread & total height of neck. Nothing about the pitch or form of the actual thread itself.
Your best bet might be to get some calipers & reverse engineer it.

What is the information needed for? Are you making containers with threaded necks? Or pieces that fit on jars like a lid?

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There’s lots of 3d printing resources for matching jar lids. Try searching the 3d sites for stls. It might be easiest to pick a canning jar brand like bernadin, rather than using previously filled jars. My favorite are the vapor-proof light jars, they make cool displays.

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Hi Tod1d and dustmite,

Thank you bot for yoru repleis. I work at a small, semi-rural public library teach the bascis of 3D printing. Several patrons have empty pasta sauce and other glass jars where the glass is fine bu the metal tops are corroded. I found 1 Thingiverse .stl jar lid which printed perfectly but doesn’t fit all glass jar tops. I wanted to be able to create (even from scratch in Tinkercad or meshmixer ) a PLA jar lid so they can use their glass jars. I’m inexperienced measuring items and I’ve never used a calipers so I’m trying to learn how to measure threads either from their corroded metal tops or form the glass threads to make plastic replacement tops. They’re not for sale but for home use. Thank you for your patience, understanding and help.

There are specialty tools/techniques for measuring threads:

but ones suited to the coarse threads on glassware aren’t common, but see this page:

What 3D CAD tool are you going to use to create the 3D model?

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I found 1 Thingiverse file to print a jar lid.

I have meshmixer, OpenScad and Prusa Slicer on our small public library desktop PC where we create some objects from scratch in Tinkercad. I have no experience measuring items for a 3D printer. I found 1 measuring app for the Android cell but it kept stopping midstream during the measuring process. Thank you.

Interesting dilemma. I think a lid like jelly jar lid would work for any type of thread. Rather than full threads on the inside of the lid, there are just a matching number of tabs to the number of threads on the jar.

This one has 6 tabs, corresponding to 6 threads on the jar.

You would still need to measure the jar for Major diameter (total width including thread - T), Minor diameter (total width NOT included the thread - E), and the height from the top of the glass to a point near the bottom end of the thread (I). Total height would be (I) + material thickness + tab thickness.

Your finished part looking something like this…


Tab height would obviously have to fit between the threads if they overlap.


Here’s a few more links for some printable jar lid ideas that might help you out. These sites have tons of resources, so if you can’t find something on one site, try one of the others.

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