Megapack - what are the blue bits?

I just received my Megapack, nice selection of materials and mills. For anyone wondering, I received my vise earlier, and the flip jig is not with this shipment.

What is the ziplock bag of blue bits?

Fixturing wax. You use a heat gun to melt it to the spoil board and then place your workpiece on it. Once it cools it will hold the work. After machining, use the heat to soften it to remove the work.

If you’re trying to hold down metal (aluminum), should you heat the piece up first or can you just melt the wax and then put the cold metal on it?

I’m talking about a large piece of metal, like if I wanted to mill a replacement table for the nomad, so like a 8"x8"x.5" slab?

Thanks mitchell !