MeshCAM 4 and Plastic Laminate

I have some laminate plastic that is used for name tags. When you cut through the thin top layer it exposes the white coloured background. I designed a panel in CorelDraw and exported it as a image in png format. See a small sample of the panel below.

In MeshCAM 4 the image is raised, while I need it recessed. How is that done? I plan to use a 0.0312" endmill.

The endmill diameter is slightly larger than the text-cut pathway but that is ok, as the text would be slightly larger than designed but still legible. I can alter that if it poses a problem during my trial cuts.



@KOC62, when you import the image select Black is Z-. MeshCAM operates on the grayscale equivalent of your image, so the red outline would be at an intermediate height between the white “top level” and the black “bottom level”

But if your endmill is not smaller than the stroke width (and the vast majority of fonts do not have even stroke width–I have done much searching in connection with reliable silkscreening of small fonts) MeshCAM will not machine the letters at all. The letters are just grooves/slots like any other geometry.

OK, so I should change the colour of my artwork to follow that concept.
When I saw the MeshCAM 4 output it appeared to me that it was all a raised pattern.
I’ll have to revisit the screen view.
After several years of “on again-off again”, I’m finally getting to the point of “cutting chips”!

Thanks for responding,

Hi Randy,

I did change the colour to black for all my outlines and in MeashCAM 4 selected Z-axis as “-”.
This showed the “recessed” pattern I was looking for.
It is amazing how “nebies” can overlook the obvious!
I think a ball-nose 1/32" might just do the trick.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.