MeshCAM 8 - Crash after File, Open

MeshCAM 8 installed and initially worked fine for me, but it just had one tool (at that time) defined.
Today, I used the “About, Add Default Tools”, and ever since then when I use “File, Open” it opens the windows file dialog, but then MeshCAM closes/shutdown/crashes (not sure which).

If it is working for you, do you still have MeshCAM v6 installed or did you uninstall it before installing v8?

It appears both versions are using the same AppData folder…
C:\Users{your user account}\AppData\Local\MeshCAM

My MeshCAM v8 has a number of tools already defined:

I did Help | Add Default Tools

and it seems to have doubled up some tools, but no other change in behavior. I’m on Windows 1703 though, and still have MeshCAM v6 (w/ a Pro license) and v7 (w/ a Carbide 3D license) installed. I’m running v8 w/ a Carbide 3D license as well.

I uninstalled, then reinstalled, and then I could open a file.

However when generating a toolpath…
The directory C:\CAM\ does not exist on my computer.

If it’s just me (with this problem) don’t bother looking into it, I was just checking out the new version of MeshCAM.

hi @ColdCoffee , for me no problem, i installed the v8 last night, i did some test no worries. i did like you to insert the existing carbide tool library. but i actually kept the v6 for the moment. and i found out, that my tools already used in the v6 are in the v8. so they must use the same file …

for me it’s meshcam pro license for both versions.

Did you uninstall v6 after installing v8? I think that’s the problem.

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