Meshcam Carbide Auto toolpath

Hi guys, I am trying to set up a new job in meshcam and i am using the carbide auto toolpath.

I have tried meshcam 6 and meshcam 7 and whenever I generate the auto toolpath (using the Carbide auto toolpath not the “3d toolpath” button)

For some reason it only lets me select 1 type of bit and wants to use that same bit for both roughing and finishing.

How can I set 2 different types of bits for each path?

I am able to do it using the “3d toolpath” button and not the carbide auto toolpath, and I would just use that option but when I do it through that setting the job estimate comes out at like 5x longer than if I use the carbide auto toolpath option.

Here is my path generated with carbide auto toolpath:

About 310 mins estimated

Here is the exact same path generated using the normal 3d toolpath tool:

Why is this one coming in at over 1350 estimated minutes?

Both paths are generated using the same tool.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

I got caught by that too at first.

Carbide Auto tool path adjusts the feed, plunge, RPM, step over etc for you based on the material you select in the first step, whereas the training wheels come off in the normal process and the default tool settings loaded are (incredibly) conservative and are assumed to be changed manually by the operator. If you take the feeds/speeds/etc displayed in the Carbide auto tool path (at least in V7) and feed them into the normal tool path tool it should become much closer.

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I will give that a try, thanks!

Too bad it hides that info in meshcam 7