MeshCam chamfer

I purchased MeshCam pro over the weekend and still try to figure out how to set up a chamfer tool path. Any advice is appreciated.

I don’t believe it supports that — I’m pretty sure you would need to model the chamfer in the 3D model.

Thanks @WillAdams. Is there a forum for MeshCam users. I find the tutorials and user guide a bit lacking for $500 software application.

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The old forums at were taken off-line a while back.

The big reason to pay for MeshCAM is that it’s so simple that you don’t need much in the way of tutorials or user guides.

If you download and install it, there’s a Help file (which serves as a manual), as well as a link to a Getting Started page — for v8:

and as expected, v9 is at:

If you have a Nomad, feel free to ask at and we will do our best to assist — if you have a stand-alone MeshCAM license, check in at

Thanks @WillAdams. Would it be possible to create a dedicated thread or forum for MeshCam?

Like this one? MeshCAM - Carbide 3D Community Site


Thank you. Can’t believe I overlooked this thread.

Thanks, @WillAdams. The simplicity of MeshCam is brilliant. There are projects where MeshCam is not a good fit, but in just a few short days, it’s found a permanent place in my workflow. I’m a bit surprised carbide has not done more to promote MeshCam.

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