MeshCam crashing in Os Sierra

MeshCam quit working after upgrading to apple sierra:(

Still working for me. Try reinstalling meshcam?

@ahkee123 - When does it crash, when loading a file or when calculating a job. What version of MeshCAM- 6 or 7?

@mikep - You’re on Sierra too?

yes on sierra, when calculating job. Tried reinstalling to no avail. MeshCam-6 build 26. Tried the beta but it crashed too.

Yes, on Sierra. Working as usual for me. Meshcam 6, Build 26.

This is happening for me as well. It’s crashing while calculating. I’ve gotten it to give me 2 .nc codes that worked fine, but almost continual crashing on other jobs. v6, build 26, Sierra 10.12

Just set up my Nomad883 pro…ran the wrench tutorial no problem. Opened meshcam to run the head tutorial…crashes every single time it gets about 80% calculated. Are there any updates on a fix for this? I am also running sierra 10.12.1 on an iMac.

Good news…just downloaded the V7 beta of meshcam…so far so good running the head tutorial. Again, I’m on sierra 10.12.1

Hi, can anyone confirm the last version of Meshcam is working fine with Sierra? Or are there issues still? Thanks.

The last issued V6 is still working for me on sierra. V7 is beta.

Thanks. I wrote an e-mail to Meshcam support and got a feedback it is actually working ok. The crashes seem to be limited for some user computers after upgrading to Sierra.

Still, would be nice if it was working for everyone.

True! I agree with that one.

We agree- we just cannot duplicate the problem here. We’ve spent days going though the two crash reports we’ve received and we cannot make the same crash happen even by modifying the code to try and force crashes.

The last V7 update included some changes around the crash area to try and see if it changed anything it it seems like it made no change either way.

We’ll keep working on it but we don’t have a lot to go on right now.


I finally got it to work by upgrading to the newest beta. I tried upgrading when the problem began with no luck, but the latest update seemed to do the trick.