MeshCAM license

I installed and activated MeshCAM on my laptop.
I also have two more workstations: one in the office and one in the workshop. I installed MeshCAM on my office workstation after I did it on my laptop and entered licence information . MeshCAM didn’t complain or say anything, but I noticed it doesn’t print “MeshCAM Pro” in upper left corner and there is no profile for Nomad.

Am I limited to only one computer for MeshCAM?

I have a pre-Nomad Pro license that does not show any Nomad/Carbide content. MeshCAM isn’t only limited to one PC, but to see the Nomad content I imagine you need to have Carbide Motion installed on the same PC. If you have a Nomad license but don’t have Carbide Motion installed that might throw MeshCAM for a loop. Just my conjecture…

That’s incorrect about requiring carbide motion. I have a machine dedicated, and it not installed on the machine I use meshcam on. I have the options for Nomad (under tools). It’s probably something in the specific license that enables it.

Thanks for the reply, James. Better an answer from someone who knows rather than someone who’s guessing!