MeshCam no longer supported?

it’s been months now, with no help whatsoever. Attempts to contact the developer have gone unanswered.

What options do we have? I don’t have the time or inclination to learn a new program from scratch, especially since all other programs are much more complex than what I need.

Has anyone got their hands on the code for MeshCam, and can provide fixes and support? There are a couple versions on shady websites, but those are pretty dangerous to use.

MeshCAM is supported, and I’m sure that we can work out your difficulties — have you tried (for MeshCAM-specific issues) or (for the Nomad / Carbide 3D bundled license — esp. w/ the later, the new v7 beta should “just work” for the Nomad w/ that licensing option selected).

I’ll try again… I just assume they don’t want to or can’t fix my issue, thus the lack of response.

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I’ve had great responses from Rob, but I think he’s pretty busy with the two businesses. Give him another try?

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