MeshCam not recognizing pieces in STL

I created an .stl file with Tinkercad that has 6 baffles. When I imported into MeshCam and generated the tool path, it leaves out 2 of them. Any ideas how to fix


.stl file

.mcf file

.nc file

Weird, if I turn off Review tool path, after selecting Tool -> Carbide Auto toolpath, then it shows up.

@donnyfl, I had no problem with the baffles.

That said, it’s always safest to feed MeshCAM one geometry at a time. Multiple disconnected pieces can confuse it. On identical pieces like yours, you can do the toolpaths for one instance and move the X and Y zeros between runs.

This is also best for actual machining where you probably want to add supports to keep the parts secure when you break through the bottom of the stock. MeshCAM will only place supports radially outwards from the geometry to the adjacent stock wall, and will not place supports between geometry pieces.


@Randy Oh the learning curves! I also found out that MeshCam didn’t account for the center holes from the STL file. Just read on the GRZ software blog that, that’s not something easy to do at the moment.

The job was going really well until 46% and then I noticed the cutter hasn’t moved. The spindle is still moving but cutter is not moving X,Y or Z. Tried to see if I could pause the job and continue again but it didn’t do anything. Had to turn off the Nomad and scrap the work.

At this point not sure what’s going on. Either the machine is glitchy or the software.

I was able to capture the log file before it completely crashed.

And here is what the part was looking like so far at 46%

The STL is far too coarse for MeshCAM to recognize holes. It only has 16 facets around the central hole, whereas MeshCAM needs to have about twice as many. On the other hand, if you machine the STL as is and do the central holes by waterline+pencil, and use the finest calculation tolerance (I invariably use .0001" for actual toolpaths), MeshCAM will faithfully reproduce the facets…