Meshcam on osx - retina

Finally got irritated enough with the fuzzy text in meshcam on osx to figure out why the usually simple method to tweak this doesn’t work (for me anyway). If you’re irritated enough, and know your way around the shell, here’s how to at least make it better. I haven’t found any problems yet with this, but I won’t promise anything. I’m sure Rob will eventually get this enabled, but I’m sure the guys are pretty busy right now.

First: go to /Applications/ , edit Info.plist with your favorite text editor , Add these four lines right before the (there are apps to do this part too)


For me, this wasn’t enough. This is usually enough with a non-retina app to at least get better text.
IF when you restart Meshcam it is still fuzzy-texted…THEN…you need to flush the cached parameters from the launchservices database (…thanks Apple…stop helping me.)

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -f /Applications/ -all local,user

Keep in mind that if meshcam updates, you might need to do this again.

If you’re curious, retinizer ( a simple app that does the info.plist change…this isn’t me, by the way, some other Mike…) works fine with Camotics without the extra launchservices call, but does not work with meshcam.