Meshcam Post for Nomad

I am new here, bought a 2nd hand Nomad Pro recently. I have had good luck posting from Carbide Create and Fusion 360. However when I try to post from Meshcam it always posts in Metric. I have tried selecting INCH wherever I can but still no luck. Any help you folks can offer?

I believe that the units are merely for the interface — G-code is always written out in metric.

Thanks, So no way to change to inch? So you know, is this a function of the free license for the Nomad?

The free license will only output .egc files, so you won’t even be able to see the G-Code unless you connect to the machine and extract it using Carbide Motion.

Exactly, that is how I found out what was happening. I had a bad crash, and could not figure out why. I had success with Create and Fusion but then that happened. I noticed in the posts for Meshcam that there are separate posts for Carbide in INCH and Metric. I thought maybe there was some place other then the setup screen to select INCH that I was missing.

also note that metric is more or less the most common format for gcode (yes it supports both)

0.01 in mm is more accurate than 0.01 in inches, so fewer decimals needed and stuff like that

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