Meshcam Question on stock thickness

I am trying to cut a part out of stock that is thicker than the part. Stock thickness is .50 the part is .46. I would like the part to be cut so that the bottom of the part is same as the bottom of the stock, so that when the part is cut it does not have the.04 of the excess material . I hope this makes sense!!

I’m new… so there is likely a better way… but it sounds like a simple 0.04 surface cut on the entire stock area you are using, followed by your actual cut, would give you what you want.

Another approach… you could also do your cut, flip the object over, then do the 0.04 surface cut. Then you don’t have to worry about cutting into the waste board underneath since you never cut all the way through your stock. This doesn’t work if you truly want bottom of part to be bottom of stock

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In the MeshCAM Define Stock window set up your stock size and select the ‘Lock Stock Dimensions’ check box. Go down to ‘Z position’ and deselect the ‘Center Z’ checkbox. In the box marked ‘Bottom’ just above enter 0. That will place your part at the bottom of your stock and the 0.04 excess on the top of the stock will be milled away.

As @raynelang mentions, depending on your workholding and precision of zeroing the Z axis you may cut slightly into the waste board or whatever is beneath the stock.

Hope that helps!


Thank you I will give it the old college try!!