MeshCAM so slow

Hi, I have just downloaded meshCAM and it runs so slow to the point it is unusable. Once I open the app for the first time and type my name and registration code in the text is so slow updating on screen as I type. Once I actually get in it literally takes minutes for me to just select the menu (File…) and then an age for the STL file to just open. I running Window 10, i5, 6GB RAM and I have tried both Version 7 and 8, both are the same. Im running Fusion 360 with no issues at all. I’ve tried closing everything else down on and just running meshCAM but still the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried an emal to Rob at Meshcam? He’s also one of the carbide folks, but his meshcam address might get you a faster answer for a meshcam specific question. FWIW, I haven’t had this sort of performance issue with meshcam.


Try opening your task manager and see what else may be using memory.
Ctrl+Alt+delete / task manager.
Once everything is up and running, the CPU should drop to around 1% - 3%

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Thanks, I’ll try Rob.

Does anyone have an email address for Rob at Meshcam?

If you write in to we’ll direct things to @robgrz

Thank you for the info

Is there a way to upgrade that computer to at least 16GB RAM? 6GB seems a little light?

Ran a windows update and problem solved :grin: