MeshCAM thinks my .25" stock is 1.1250" and it beats me…

I have a Fusion 360-sourced .25" (Z) design to cut out of some .25" Corian. The stock is the exact same size as my design and I’m just trying to cut the inside of the design out of the stock.

I can’t set Zeros right because although the stock is set to 8"x6"x.25", the zero setting display shows dimensions that are just baffling. Top of stock should be .25" and it’s showing as 1.1250". I bet I’m overlooking something or it’s a bug (software or my model).

See photos (model in F360, MeshCAM stock settings, set Zero display)

Hmm, found this Geometry Properties view. I’m not sure where it’s getting these numbers, though. Anybody?

Ummmm…this brings up all sorts of questions, but why not just do the cam in fusion360?

Anyway. The problem is that when brought into meshcam it doesn’t have scale when imported, it’s just an STL and it chooses something kind of arbitrary. You need to scale the object after it’s imported, and it sets the stock kind of arbitrarily. You need to set the stock to the size you want, it doesn’t come over with the STL - the STL is just undimensioned geometry.


I don’t have the Nomad tools setup in F360. I’ve not used it for CAM yet, but am poking around in it off and on and I guess I’ll have to switch to it. Meanwhile, I’m not doing anything different than normal in MeshCAM, so that’s why I’m confused.

When I first import the .stl, I get this screen, which shows the correct “Geometry Size”:

I choose Define Stock and it reflects the expected geometry values. It doesn’t matter if I say Fit to Geometry or use Fixed Size. And the only geometry adjustment I could make is to Scale it, but that isn’t required since it’s at the right size. If it doesn’t know the right values, I’m not sure how to tell it since it all looks right to me and is exactly what I do every time. thx


Okay, in Fusion 360, I made a brand new file with a 6x8x.25" box and exported the STL to MeshCAM and it’s fine. Max height is .25" (in the geometry view) so it’s something wrong with my original file. I’ll have to investigate…

Can you share the Fusion file?

Seems it’s calculating the total size of these sandwiched parts when I’m only exporting the top layer individually.

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I don’t use Meshcam, but there’s no way it could know what you designed in Fusion 360 if you’re only exporting one of three bodies. Despite what your screenshot shows, I’d guess that your stock definition is where the 1.125" comes from.

Yeah, I’ve done more testing and I’m going to ask on the Autodesk forum. MeshCAM seems to be the weak link here since it’s giving me mixed messages. Thanks for the help, though. I’m kind of giving up on the app, sadly.

I’m sure there’s a meshcam user that could check out the file. I think there’s a free trial… I’ll take a look tomorrow. Definitely not an Autodesk issue.
Perfect time to dive into the Fusion 360 CAM.

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The guy who writes meshcam happens to be one of the Carbide3d founders…

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I’ve abandoned that Fusion 360 file and am recreating it with some changes. It was having manifold issues with some combined bodies. Since it’s a learning/test piece, I’m just going to avoid going there for now. A remade project is having no issues with MeshCAM numbers, so not a MeshCAM issue.

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That STL opens successfully in anything else I have that opens STLs, but I do see what you’re seeing.

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