MeshCAM Toolpath Questions

Without having to search through hundreds of threads, I’d like to ask a question…because I’ve only used MeshCAM once, and failed.

On the Toolpath Parameters option, is there anywhere online that has a line-for-line explanation of what everything means? Like, I’m not entirely sure what the Machining Margin is, or the Arc Fitting, etc. There are a few others…it’s okay, you can all laugh and call me names.

Thank you for any and all help or direction where I can read.

Joseph, the first thing I’d suggest is reading the whole Help file within MeshCAM. It contains a lot of definitions and explanations. There is an introduction to the MeshCAM workflow at . Rob did an introduction video at and Bob Warfield did a good video at and also search MeshCAM in Youtube for many more videos. The MeshCAM support library at has good information, as does the FAQ at

But for in-depth discussions the place to go is which does have a pretty good search function as long as the search terms are more than 3 characters.


Thank you Randy, just what I needed :slight_smile: