Meshcam Tutorial (Video) - cutting 2.5d into a wooden block

Just put together a tutorial on my workflow to import a file into Meshcam, manipulate it, and export it to Carbide Motion.

I’m a noob with this, so it may not be the best workflow - but it worked well for me and hopefully will help others get started


Thanks for putting that together Darren. It’s clear that you’ve spent a lot of time trying out every option; you’ve mentioned features/behavior that some veteran users don’t know.



Great video with some good info, thanks for the post.

Great video, Darren. Youtube won’t let me comment or I would have there.

You brought up the subject of locking the stock. When you have a known piece of stock, you enter the dimensions and lock them, as you did. Then you can size your geometry and position within the stock. When you specify one margin, the opposite side will adjust automatically.

But when you have a fixed geometry, you can enter desired margins all around (or one margin and check “centered”) and MeshCAM will tell you the stock size you need to give those margins. That is the case where you would leave the stock unlocked.


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Thanks for the great video Darren! Really helped get my head around Meshcam much faster than if I did it by myself! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the in depth video. My husband and I have a finite amount of time to learn this material - and having to ask the forum for answers kills the learning curve. Please make more. Without this info the machine is worthless to us - and I have a budget to buy two more.

Any chance someone will take the time to progress these tutorials into a learning path?

Thanks for doing this! I don’t have my machine yet, but want to figure out as much as I can before. I’ll wait for more vids😉 I know they can be a lot of work. This made sense to me.


@suemcnenly thanks for the compliment :smile: I love doing these videos and plan to do many more… I’m actually almost finished up a vid on using the flip jig to cut a spindal fan. All the footage is there - just need to finish the edits!

Looking forward to it. The flip jig will be what I will be using most of the time, so I’m interested to see it in action.