MeshCAM use V-bit as second toolpath?

First-time poster here. I am new to CNC and have a Nomad 3.
I am trying to cut out a part that has a an icosahedron-shaped hole in it (so lots of sharp angles)

My thought was to use endmill #102 (1/8" square endmill) as a first pass and then a 30’ V-bit to get the sharp angles in the icosahedron. In MeshCAM I generate a “Unified Finishing” toolpath with the first endmill and it looks very reasonable.

How can I generate a second toolpath to do a finishing pass on the remaining stock with a different bit?
I tried just making a second “Unified Finishing” toolpath with the V-bit but it quotes 10,000+ minutes to machine and seems to work over the original stock instead of the new cut part made from the first pass.

I think you’d want to use a ball mill to run finishing pass in this case.

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