MeshCAM V7, V8 or V9?

Can anyone shed light on the various MeshCAM releases?

V7, V8 and now a V9 beta are available on the GRZ website - I don’t know which I should use.

I got a license with my NOMAD 883, but V9 is a paid upgrade. Given that V9 is an early beta and I can’t see how it differs from V8, I have no idea if it’s worthy of $120.

(I was using Fusion for a couple of years. Now looking for a non-cloud-based alternative CAM solution. Hoping MeshCam might fit the bill…)

Use V8. It’s free for you and, if V9 ends up being a worthwhile upgrade as it progresses, the transition should be very easy.

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Great, thank you :+1:

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