MeshCam VS Carbide Creat Pro!

:smiley:I know that booth are amazing ! I just post This to understand more from all yours experience ! So far I was playing with Carbide Creat pro maybe because itโ€™s new experience I still use MeshCam for 3D toolpath I need to know more about MeshCam VS Carbide Creat Pro from you guys ! **
** Thanks all :bouquet:

While they share some common development and characteristics they are very different programs.

MeshCAM is a general purpose 3D CAM tool which has had some design functionality (based on working with pixel images and DXFs) added. Use it if you already have a 3D CAD solution and need a 3D CAM tool

Carbide Create is a general purpose 2D CAD, 2.5D CAM tool which has had 3D modeling and 3D CAM for those modeled features added to it. Use it if you wish to extend your work into 3D without having to start over with a completely different tool.

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