Meshcam vs. Carbide Create Pro vs. Fusion 360?

I’d like to use 3D modeling to help with some of my designs, and I see that Meshcam is the currently ‘official’ 3D software…but CCP is also an option? Any reason as to why I should prefer one over the other? (Or are there other good options out there?)

Are you planning on actually modeling in 3D or just using 3D models?

MeshCAM is bundled with Nomads, but it’s only CAM software, though it is possible to import pixel images and do modeling of them.

Carbide Create Pro allows 3D modeling by adding or subtracting along the surface of an object — while a bit limited, it also matches the capabilities of machining with a 3-axis machine, so arguably, a suitable constraint.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a 3D CAD tool suited to mechanical modeling which includes CAM functionality — unlike the other programs it is cloud-based and requires annual licensing.

A further consideration is Alibre Atom3D — Carbide 3D is bundling it with machines for the Black Friday sale — it’s a 3D CAD program which installs locally with a perpetual license and the option of an annual support/upgrade license. It doesn’t include CAM, so one has to export to STL or DXF and do CAM in say MeshCAM or Carbide Create.

Yah, i was all hyped about that Alibre black friday deal, so i pulled the trigger r-- only to learn Alibre is Windows only (i’m all Mac… :-/)

For a Mac, I’d suggest Moment of Inspiration — no Black Friday sale yet, but it’s the one 3D CAD program which keeps cycling back up to the top of my consideration list.

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I’m Mac too and I use Parallel with Win 10 for Windows applications like VCarve Pro and Inkscape but there is a Mac version for the latter now.