Meshcam Z-Axis zero vs Shapeoko Z-Axis zero

I am new to Meshcam and trying to do a 2-sided machining of a lion. Is the Z-axis zero the same as Z-axis zero you set the Shapeoko to? I set the material to 2.000 x 2.000 x 4.000 inches in Meshcam with Z-axis zero to the middle of the part thinking flipping the part and keeping Z-axis the center of the material. I zeroed the Shapeoko z-axis to the top of the 2.000 x 2.000 material. It tried to machine the part but it tried to machine in the air about 1/4" above the material

What does a simulation of the toolpaths in Meshcam show?

Kind of looks like maybe there’s a path outside of the stock material bounding box in the simulation?

I also notice that the ‘Program Zero’ field seems undefined - it usually shows what has been selected for the material zeo point reference once that has been set.

I have only attempted to try Meshcam’s 2-sided machining feature once - that was with the Quick-Flip job type. I did get it to work, though I had something off cause my medallion wasn’t quite aligned properly when I ran the operation.

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