Metal Stocks and endmills provider in EU


What’s the usual price for a square meter or per kg for aluminium stocks in Europe ?

I found some 2017 T4 plate which are great at machining according to the wiki, but the actual price per kg ends up at 12€ per kg, which seems a lot!

Everything seems rather pricey, whether it is aluminium, steel and even iron, which is a bit more affordable thought.

Tips and tricks are welcome as for where to source things at a fair price!

Also, has anyone ever ordered stocks from Alibaba ? Experiences with it ?

Your best bet is actually metal discounters. There should be one or two in any good sized city. Beyond that, I’m sure there are EU business like

That isn’t terrible by US standards, but is certainly not great, depending on the alloy, supplier, and form. Recently bought stock (6061-T6) in several bar forms (10mmX37mm, 6mmX25mm, 25X100mm among them) and all were about $US15/Kg, give or take 20%.

The local-ish surplusser sells new stock at about $US10/Kg. Then again, you get a lot of Al (volume) per Kg.


Look for alloy 6082 in the EU, should be a bit cheaper and more plentiful. I work in the US for a European company as an engineer. One of the biggest questions I get from US suppliers is where to get 6082, my European vendors on the other hand ask if they can use 6082 instead of 6061. The other is 2024(USA) and 2017(EU). If you’re looking for plate material (like 5mm and thicker) you’ll want T651 heat treatment, in other words 6082T651. 6000 series is pretty strong for what most hobbiests needs and cheaper than 2000 or 7000 series. 6082 and 6061 have comparable properties unless you’re building parts for NASA, but then you would probably know more than me if that was the case;-)

Let us know what you find!



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