Metal wall art Help! Please

Hi there,

i want to do some ACP wall art for our home… i destroyed some cutters-bits :slight_smile:

and also destroyed some ACP’s so can you please help me? i found 1 video on youtube and gentleman can cut so nice and easily…

If you can understand which cutter he uses and what settings you prefer to me? here is the video link

Thanks in advance!

Looks like the wiki has this:

Carbide 3D Shapeoko 3 (AL/PVC Panel)

  • DOC: 3.30 mm
  • RPM: 17500 (Dial setting: Dewalt: 1.25, Makita: 2.8)
  • Tool: 1/4" #201 square or #202 ball
  • Feed: 1270 mm/min
  • Plunge: 635 mm/min

From here: Materials - ShapeOko


WOW!! Thank you! You made my day