My PRO XL showed up today, and I am in mid-assembly. I have a few questions in the process.

  1. I think the Y-Axis belts were the XXL length (makes sense from a supply/manufacturing point of view), Do I trim off the excess leaving about the same as from the rear?
  2. I seem to be having some challenges getting the X/Y square. Any hints?


Maybe this will help with the belt question.

4.3 Attach Belt Clip to Belt
See Fig. 4-5.

  1. Thread about 5 inches of belt through the
    outer slot of the clip, with teeth facing toward
    the integrated nut.
  2. Loop the belt down through the inner slot and
    pull the belt tight against the clip.
  3. Bring the two sections of belt together.
    Interlock the teeth and extend the belt away
    from the integrated nut.
    Figure 4-7
    4.4 Install Y‑Axis Belts
  4. Use a 4mm hex key and one (1) M5×12mm
    SHCS to secure the clip to the back-left
    endplate. See Fig. 4-7.
    a. Slotted end of the clip against the rail.
    b. Ensure belt teeth interlock where they
    meet at the clip.
    c. Ensure teeth face down as the belt
    extends along the rail.
    d. Fully tighten.
  5. Thread the belt, teeth down, under the two
    idlers onto the left gantry endplate.
  6. Use a small hex key to pull a loop of belt up
    between the two idlers. See Fig. 4-6.
  7. Place the loop over the stepper motor pulley.
    Figure 4-6
    Figure 4-5
    STEP 4 – Gantry STEP 4
    24 docs.carbide3d.com support@carbide3d.com 25
  8. Thread a second belt clip onto the free end of
    the belt.
  9. Firmly hold the clip flat against the rail.
  10. Adjust the length of the belt so that there is a
    2–3mm gap between the clip and the front-left
    endplate. See Fig. 4-8.
  11. Use a 4mm hex key and one (1) M5×12mm
    SHCS to secure the clip to the endplate.
    a. Maintain downward pressure on the clip.
    b. Fully tighten the screw until the belt snaps
    back against the rail when gently lifted.
    Figure 4-8
    4.5 Square the Machine
  12. Use a 5mm hex key to remove the M6×35mm
    SHCS shipping screws from both Y-Axis carrier
    plates, allowing the gantry to slide freely front
    and back.
  13. Slide the gantry as far forward as it will go.
  14. Adjust the squareness of the baseframe
    until both ends of the gantry touch the front
    endplates. See Fig. 4-9.
  15. Use a 5mm hex key and fully tighten the frontleft and front-right shoulder bolts securing the
    Y-rails to the baseframe.
    Figure 4-9
    a. Fully tighten the remaining shoulder bolts,
    moving front to back, sliding the gantry as
    you go, and alternating sides.
  16. Slide the gantry as far back as it will go. Both
    ends of the gantry should touch the rear
  17. Use a 4mm hex key to fully tighten the six (6)
    M6×12mm BHCS securing the gantry to the
    left and right Y-Axis carrier plates.
  18. Use a 4mm hex key to fully tighten the eight
    (8) M6×6mm BHCS securing the left and right
    drag chain support panels to the baseframe.
    NOTE: Do not overstretch the belt. Stretching
    more than 3mm could damage the belt or motors.
  19. Repeat Steps 4.3 and 4.4 to install the second
    belt to the Y-Right rail.

The issue of t he belts has come up before and C3D sends out the long belts with every machine. I think it simplifies packaging for them. Yes you can trim them so you have about 1" folded over on both ends. Belts dont usually shrink they usually stretch. However without a little play on the end it is very hard to get the belts folded in the clips and the clips secured. You can always trim them later if you leave them too long but you cannot make the belt grow if you cut off too much. Err on the side of too much.

The squaring issue is beyond me and someone will chime in before too long.

  1. Correct. Belts for XXL are shipped w/ all machines — trim as necessary.
  2. Work from large–small — table level? Y-axis rails level and parallel? Y-axis gantry square to Y-axis rails and plumb? X-axis carriage level and plumb? Z-axis spindle carriage plate level and plumb?

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