Mig 21 desk clock stand

Here is a project that I just finished for a client! The holder is .220 Plexiglass cut with the S3 and the base is AAAAA Grade curly Koa!


That is a very nice looking clock stand. I found the clocks on ebay and it said they were 2-3 day wind up. Is that what this clock is, a wind up? The clock specs were pretty good with 25 jewels. In the picture there looks like a wire running from the bottom of the clock to the base. Has the clock been converted to battery operation?

Your project looks great. How did you bend the plexiglass?

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Thanks! It is a wind up so no batteries, not sure how long it lasts I didn’t get into any details about the clock with the customer. What looks like a wire is actually a reflection of the Plexiglass on the finish!

I used a heat gun to get it to bend, it is tricky so you have to be mindful of how much heat you apply and how you go about bending it. It gets pretty soft and dents and fogs if your not careful. Cool thing is you can take out small dents and fogging by re-applying heat!

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From the side view would a 1 gallon paint can be about right for the curvature, or did you just eye ball it.
Sorry to ask so many questions but I love clocks and would like to make something similar with a fitup battery clock.

Russian “MIG” Clock For Your Desk?

Nice polishing job! +1

Thanks! Actually that is just a raw Lacquer finish no sanding or buffing done.

Are you talking about the bend angle?

The picture looks like it bends and curves.

I just guessed on the angle bent it over until it looked right.

Well it looks great and would look great sitting on any table or desk. I have several 8 day mechanical clocks and the only issue is you have to wind them to keep them running. So I always tried to wind them on Sunday but sometimes forgot.

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