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Cheers everyone.

I made a quick going away box for a really good friend and boss.

I can tell my blades and getting dull though, so maintenance and upkeep is on the ticket next week.

Materials used was:

Box material and Inlay:

An assortment of exotic veneers


Are you cutting the marquetry with a CNC, or hand cutting by knife? Unbelievably beautiful box; I couldn’t make that ‘quick’.

I cut the veneer with a laser. If the right offset for the kerf (power and speed) is applied, you can achieve extremely tight marquetry. This one was fast and loose trying to meet the deadline. I only had 2 days to complete, and still have a day job lol.


Well done! Looks amazing! Do you have a separate laser or is it connected to your cnc? Also, do you CNC the finger joints?

Separate desktop laser machine. The finger joints were cut on the table-saw using a simple jib to my mitre gauge.

Kind of amazed with the amount of tools required to build this using raw cut lumber and other materials.

Bandsaw, table-saw, router table, CNC machine, laser machine, drum sander, orbital sander, and a whole laundry list of hand tools.


At the risk of violating the “no advertising” policy, what laser are you using for these cuts? Perhaps it on one of your YouTube videos and I’ve just missed it.

No worries…I think I get at least one warning before I’m banned lol :innocent:

I have an XTool Desktop laser. The one I have is discontinued and a newer version is coming online. I can definitely say its entry level at best but meets my needs most of the time. I’m hoping one day I’ll be a big youtube star and maybe get a couple of sponsors to get a newer one. One can dream lol.


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