Millenium Falcon - Diamond drag bit


Hi, trying to get some help, as I would like to make the same thing to my friends son. I’m very new in cnc (bought it 3 days ago) and I have no clue what and how to do to get this result. Would you be able to help me please and share the file, settings and bit what you used please? I don’t mind figure out myself but I only have few days to make it… thank you in advance!

Hey @mmackoka,

For this kind of projects you typically need:

  • a suitable vector file: if you are in a hurry AND want to stay on the right side of the legal line, the quickest way is to buy one. Search for “millenium falcon svg” on Esty and there a several available, for a few bucks.
  • a “diamond drag bit”, it’s a spring-loaded tool with a diamond tip, that you install in the router but do NOT spin, and assuming you loaded the vector file in CAM software and created an engraving toolpath that follows the vector features, the bit will scratch the surface of the acrylic in just the right way.
  • a 1/8" square endmill, preferably single flute, to do the acrylic cutout. There are several examples of appropriate feeds and speeds to cut acrylic here on the forum, once you’re there we can help you with this.
  • The same 1/8" endmill can probably be used to cut the wooden base.

What machine do you have and what CAD/CAM software will you be using ?


Thank you for your help, appreciate it. I only purchased the cheap chines 3018 and I have mac computer so just realised that, the apps are very limited. I started using easel and find it easy to understand it. Want to start with few small things to at least understand the cnc world and later if I’m confident with it will may looking a bigger machine. I have the 1/8 bit, will order the drag bit and ruin few sheets of acrylic sheets. :slight_smile:

That’s a very sensible approach.

I’m not familiar with Easel but it can import SVGs, and I guess it supports the creation of engraving toolpaths.

For your test cuts in acrylic, how many flutes does your 1/8" endmill have ? and what is the RPM range of your router?

Julien has given you some good advice. As far as I know the diamond drag bits only come with 1/4" shanks which won’t fit in your 3018 router. As you’re new to CNCing you’ll need to do a lot of practicing with your machine and software before taking on more complicated projects.

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Thanks, I realised that. IU may jumped to a big project to early…
Spent the whole day today to see my options and find 2 alternatives for my machine. The first one is a plastic 3D printed insert. I have to remove the motor and fit there and in the middle, I can fit the bit. The other one (I find this somewhere in this web site) is the Dremel 9929 diamond bit. This one doesn’t have the spring, just a simple bit. Honestly, don’t want to spend a fortune on 1 bit so I may will try the dremel one first. There is a carbide version of it for few £ and as someone said here it could be good enough to do that one project

Easel is much easier for me at the moment than anything else and will check how to change the toolpaths. As I said I have to learn everything from scratch. To cut out a circle was a huge project for me few days ago :slight_smile:
I have a set of bit what came with the machine and I think those are 2 flutes endmill bits. RPM is up to 10000.

A two-flute 1/8" looks like this:

In acrylic with a 1/8" 2-flute square endmill, you could do
Speed: 10.000RPM
Feedrate: 40 inches per minute
depth per pass 1mm (initially)

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That’s the bit I have. Thank you for the help! Wanted a cnc machine long time ago but never thought it will be this many options, settings, etc. Love it so far. It seems like it will be still some new things even few years later

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You won’t get that much detail with a 1/8" flat endmill. I’d start with a less detailed design. Typically, when you see those engraved acrylic edgelit lights they are done with a laser.
You could buy your friend that millennium falcon led light for a few $$ and spend the time you’ve gained getting yourself more acquainted with your machine.

Will probably do it on that way or find something easier. Thank you for your help anyway!

Here’s a couple of SVGs for you to play with.
m_falcon_simple m_falcon


Thank you! Will try to learn few things again.