Millennium Falcon LED Acrylic Wall Decoration

Inspired by @dtilton71

I created a Millennium Falcon for my Media Room. I used ¼ Cast Acrylic; etched the detail design in the acrylic using a 90 Degree drag bit. I used 100 IPM at .08 DoC on a quick engrave tool path. If I had to do it again, I’d slow down the IPM to help with some deflection.

The outline was cut with an Amana Tools “O” Flute, 100 IPM, .03 Depth per Pass.

I used 1” (.75) Aspen for the base; pre drilled the holes for the LED screws and for the wiring. Cut pockets in the rear to accommodate the electronics. The pocket only left 1/16th of material (very nerve racking) … guess my tram was pretty good.

The Acrylic was mounted to the Aspen using LED Standoffs. The LED Standoff holes are 21mm in diameter.

One other item of note; I had intended to use two standoffs … but I didn’t like the light pattern (pictured below). I ended up using 4 LED Standoffs, and I am very happy with the results.

Original JPEG; I paid a Graphic Artist to clean this up

Project Pictures (during the creation process)

1/4 Cast Acrylic

1" (.75") Edge Glued Aspen

1” LED Standoffs

Flat Black Paint

Diamond Drag Bit (90 Degree)

Amana Tools 51411-K


Thanks for this fenomenal post! Very cool wall decoration and excellent write up on your project!


That looks so awesome!!! Really good idea and very well done!

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