Millennium Falcon LED Acrylic Wall Hanger

If you have an xcarve (reason I assume you’re using easel), I’m fairly certain you could use carbide create, which imports dxf files more easily.

Otherwise you can use the dxf import app from inventables, which may help you:

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Thank you for your help. I would like to make the small sign on the led base (I replied to that post first) and when I download the original file, I can open in easel but it has 4-5 different layer as it was originally a wall sign and I guess the layers has been attached to the top of each other on the wall. I would like to carve in one single layer to an acrylic sheet. I also limited with the apps as I have mac and so far only easel what I can use and at least understand a bit. I only have the machine few days ago and spend few hours to learn things every day, and really enjoy it so far but this project seems a to big step for me now hence I asked some help.