Milling multi-op parts + sync fusion360 libraries

Episode 098: In this video i share a milling a couple multi-operation part strategies on the Shapeoko HDM! then I share a tool to synchronize tool libraries from Fusion360 to Millalyzer and HSMAdvisor to simplify your life!


What facing tool do you use?

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Unfortunately they aren’t accepting orders now. Any other options for a .500" shank 1.000" face mill?

a few options, but not for the same price…
Datron will go up to 20mm, non indexable

btw, I did contact him to let him know… good to know I’m not the only one. :wink:

I just got one of the Bush facemills a couple of weeks ago. I went to their site and was able to add one to the cart today. :slight_smile:

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I can add to cart but the PayPal checkout isn’t working.

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the issue has been resolved. I placed another order today.

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Just ordered also. Thanks.

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So I haven’t heard anything from Busch about my order. Ive emailed twice. Anyone heard from them?

Just called and apparently it was shipped this week.

Just ordered one as well because as much as I like Datron tools Bush having replaceable inserts on a face mill for 1/2 the price is a win win and it saves me having to buy a 12mm Er20 collet.

That was a good in-depth video.

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I didn’t hear anything from them either. Two weeks later I just so happened to check the mail room at work and it was in there. :confused:

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