Milling Vise Recommendations?

Can anyone recommend a milling vise setup for holding metal stock square and parallel directly to the table? This would be in lieu of the sacrificial board.

Perhaps the setup used in this video:

The red vise he uses appears to be the (now unavailable) MVS-800 modular vise system by (the now defunct) TS Engineering:

We bought the rights to make that vise for our customers so we’re in the process of making them now. (The first job on our new Haas) We have about 50 of the bases machined right now but we’re waiting for the test parts to come back from the annodizer to figure out how much finishing we can get away with.

We owe MEGA-PACK backers about 130 of these so the first batch is spoken for but then we should to get a few up in the store to send out to others who want one. Pricing is TBD depending on how long the jaws take to machine and how much finishing we do on the bases.



I am interested, too. I have a few small vises, but this one looks to be a better solution.


Any update on availability of the low-pro vises? Or an ETA?


I’m definitely interested too!


is there any update on this or did somebody come up with a better solution than the tape?
Another carving job i was running got ruined a few minutes ago because the tape didn’t hold the wood 3h into a 10 hour carving job :frowning: It doesn’t happen that often but it seems to happen especially with larger pieces that need longer carving times. And when it happens, its frustrating.



The first batch of vises are largely done. We have one more operation to do on the jaws and then we can begin shipping them.

We’re waiting on some fixture clamps to show up so we can complete that final op. Hopefully, we’ll be ready to ship in limited quantities this week (one way or another).

Regarding tape, be sure to wipe down the surface before applying it (you can use rubbing alcohol but be sure to let it dry). We’ve usually not had trouble with tape coming free, we usually have trouble getting it off. As a last resort, you can reduce the depth of cut to reduce the cutting load.


Thanks Rob!

everything was wiped down, and the wood surface even slightly sanded. The cut was only about 5mm deep into the wood, which itself is probably 15mm thick. It was cherry wood both times (yes happened 2x with the same carving).
I saw though afterwards that the wood was slightly bend, about 1 mm over the whole length of the wood square, which would reduce the the surface that the tape is in contact with.

Carving it currently again with a smaller piece of wood, and it seems to be fine so far… :smile:


Are all of the vices accounted for, or will there be some up for grabs? I’m asking bc I got the email that my machine was being built this coming week and I would love to order all the extra goodies as well!

I, too, would be interested in pre-ording a vise. Now that I have a machine, I realize how important one is. Most of the ones I’ve found commercially look too big for the Nomad’s footprint.

Carbide guys, how might we place pre-orders?

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We’ll put a few up on the store in the next few days. I’ll make sure that I post the link here before anywhere else.


(ha) great way to get us to check this forum multiple times a day.

I for one am looking forward to my MEGA-PACK! Trying to flip-mill without the flip-jig or a vise has been a bit spotty at best.

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Here it is:

We’re waiting on boxes to ship out the first batch to Mega Pack supporters but I put aside 20 for others who’d like to get one. If the USPS delivers boxes tomorrow then we should get a bunch out to people on Monday.



Looks great! What is the thickness of the base? or how much Z axis is lost? Ordered one up today!

It’s right about .75"

Ordered!! super pumped! And thanks for not raking us Canadians with crazy shipping charges! Very happy :slight_smile:

amen to that. lips, lips everywhere!


Is the vise for projects that make cuts on the surface of the stock but do not cut all the way through? Do you still use the MDF washboard for projects that are cutting a shape all the way through the stock? I am trying to get a good feel for when to use the vise and when to use the MDF washboard.


Correct- you would not want to use the vise when you’re going to cut through your stock, our if you need to profile around your stock (since the jaws would be in the way).

The selection of work holding comes down to:

  • What method will be strong enough to hold the stock.
  • What method will give me enough access to the part to complete machining.