Minimum stock size in simulation?

Is there a minimum stock size in CC for the simulation? When I try to render this light engraving job this is what I get:

Things like this make me nervous as I’m still learning to use the machine. this would send the bit straight into the metal drill press vice on my table if it tried to carve that out. The stock is pretty small at 1.375 x 2.25.

The stock size used in the simulation seems to have some minimum threshold of size which it won’t go below — so long as your toolpaths are okay as shown in the design window, you should be okay.

If need be, you can extract the plain text G-code and use some other tool to preview it:

List of previewing tools at:

Yeah previewing it makes sense, would be nice if CC didn’t export the encrypted gcode files, I take it the easiest way to get that out is using Carbide Motion? Not a major hassle except I need to go use the computer in my shop since CM won’t get past the connect screen w/o it.

And yeah, fresh canvas and just drew a simple circle and it creates that weird artifact.

As suggested it was merely a rendering glitch and there was no gcode in there to tell it to hog out a giant non-existant area.

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