Misaligned Shapeoko 5 pro y axis

Has anybody else in here been having problems with the two Y gantry holder for the X gantry, is not at the same hight, the distance from the hight of the y gantry angle bar to the table is ok. so the problem must be in the mount of the y rails. so looking for other with same experiences.


Could you please post a photo showing the difficulty you are having?

I just responded to your support request — hopefully that message will help.

Hi William. I have actually alrready been on this with support ,whoom just wanted my to surface the top, which then will leave a pocket, not at solution i can use the machine is off and i have to lift the xgantry by 1.6 mm

and everything is dead flat. lars

Surfacing the MDF on an SO5 Pro won’t leave a pocket — at least until one does the gantry shift — one can machine all of the MDF.

Once one does the gantry shift, then there’s a length at the back which can’t be reached.

Exactly. an i bought the machine so i could do kitchen cabinet and finger joints so i need to shift the gantry put an extra piece in the front so i can do cabinets sides, without moving the gantry forward and backward all the time. you did not commeting on the mismatch in gantry hight ?.

Usually one does the gantry shift and leaves it thus.

For the MDF not lining up, as noted in the response from support — the MDF filler strips are made w/ a reasonable thickness tolerance, and it is expected that they will be surfaced.

If doing the gantry shift and needing tiling, then do this in two stages:

  • first cut ~3.2" at the front down almost level with the aluminum
  • remove them and rotate 180 degrees
  • surface the entire remaining surface, which can be done either before or after gantry shift

For the machine not being perfectly square — that should be a function of lining things up during assembly on a flat and level surface — work from large–small:

  • level the table
  • put a sheet of foam between the table and the machine to take up any imperfections and make small shifts easier
  • loosen all the hardware
  • adjust the Y-axis rails for level and parallelness and ensure the ends and consistently placed and form even diagonals/a uniform rectangle and are plumb
  • position the X-axis gantry so that it is level and at right angles to the Y-axis rails and plumb
  • adjust the carriage and Z-axis spindle carriage plate and mount so that they are level and plumb
  • tighten all hardware in a random order — if tightening one piece of hardware begins to pull things out of alignment, back off and move to another

If you have difficulties getting things reasonably square, let us know at support@carbide3d.com and send us photos and we will do our best to work through this with you.

I’m encountering an issue that isn’t related to the MDF. My primary concern is to ensure the machine is properly aligned, eliminating the need to surface the MDF. Attempting to loosen the glider screws, I’ve only achieved minimal adjustment.
I am currently engaged in a significant project, Unfortunately, time constraints prevent me from disassembling everything at the moment.
I suspect a fundamental problem may lie with the rails on one side. Could you please inform me if there’s any flexibility for the slider rails to shift more than 1.5mm?

That would be a question for @Luke , or better still belike support@carbide3d.com

I have given up on that have all-ready tried. does not seem to have an understanding of that 1.5 mm offset is not acceptable. will have to come back when i have measure every thing again.

thanks Lars

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