Missing fields in carbide create tools edit form

Im not sure where I can see a list of known bugs but if you copy and paste a tool from carbide create’s existing library into your own custom library, you cannot edit some fields.

When I get a new bit, i often find a similar bit in carbide3d’s existing library to copy into my own, then edit it, to match my own. This saves time with entering feeds and speeds. I’ve found though, when copying the tools over, there are several fields that are shown in in the read only preview panel that are not editable, like number of flutes and flute length.

In the read only panel there’s also several fields that are disorganized and labeled inconsistently with the actual edit form. The fields should be labeled and listed the exact same on both preview form and edit form. This makes it easy to visually connect the two forms when trying to make an edit.

I know this all may sound frivolous to long time users but its really does make the software harder to deal with when trying to setup new tools. I hope this doesn’t come across as negative because there’s a lot to like about the machine and the carbide community but this software has a long way to go IMHO.

Heres some examples
Cutter information Preview Form -------- Edit Form
Flute Length ----------------------------------- Missing completely
Num Flutes ------------------------------------ Missing completely
Plunge Rate — Missing --------------------
RPM ----------- on both forms but not in the same order on both
Cut Depth ------- Not labelled the same on both forms
3d params
Finishing allowance — on both forms but not in a consistent order

You can edit the custom tool database in a spreadsheet. Open CC and go to the Help menu. Choose About and then click on Open Data Directory. Then pick the CC directory and then the tools. Find your custom database and open it in a spreadsheet. Edit any field you want. When done just Save As a .csv file and not in the spreadsheet format. The CC tool databases are .csv files and cannot read spreadsheet files.

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