Missing part of a pocket

Hi All,

I ran this carve yesterday and my machine didn’t cut full depth on the front part of breaker bar (all the way at the front). You can see the step it created in the picture. I’ve attached the picture, c2d file, and gcode file. Any thoughts?

1/4 .25 end mill
Shapeoko xxl
3/4 MDF

chris drawer liner.c2d (1.1 MB)
drawer liner pockets.egc (2.5 MB)


Looking at your picture, I see a step in 2 noticeable locations:
Top Right and Bottom.

Could be:
The Max depth of cut was not reachable, and the Z belt slipped.
Your job was just outside of the working area and you bumped a hard limit and lost a step.
Belts are loose.
Pulley set screw
Loose v-wheels/bolts

It was definitely within the max cut depth and the working area. I will have to check the belts, pulleys, and v-wheels. Is there a list of where to apply loctite when I go through this?

Two schools of thought on the Loctite:

  • apply to anything and everything which won’t need to be adjusted later
  • only apply to fasteners which vibrate loose