Missing tab alert

Could there be a warning somewhere when you’re cutting to full depth but don’t have any tabs? So many times I’ve been cutting a bunch of shapes only to find that on one of them I’ve forgotten the tabs! So frustrating!

Are the tabs not showing up in the 3D preview? That’s what I always use as a final check before cutting.

Check out the Carbide Create 620 link that I posted in your other thread. I should make the tabs much more visible when the toolpaths are being shown.

They do show up in the 3D preview, it’s just that sometimes I’m cutting so many shapes in one go that it’s easy to miss one. My own fault for not paying enough attention really! I’ll check out the 620 version, but if possible a warning when saving the g-code would be awesome. Even if you hid it behind an “idiot mode” under Edit etc or something that people could toggle on and off. Just an idea :slight_smile:

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It’s a good idea and we’ve been toying with the idea of a beginner mode to help people get started.

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