Missing X Axis Drag Chain Bracket and Shapeoko XL?

Newbie here - Received my XL Shapeoko about 1 month ago. Finally started assembling this weekend. Am at the point in the XL assembly doc where it states

" Install X-Axis Drag Chain Bracket

The X-Axis Drag Chain Bracket is the smaller of the 2 stainless steel ‘L’ shaped brackets. Remove the protective film from bracket as shown in the photo below. (The underside of the film is black, the top side is a white/silver color.)"

I only have one large bracket which appears to be the Y Axis bracket but no “smaller L shaped bracket”. I know there are some differences between the different sizes of machines but I assume I need this bracket?

I ordered the XL from MatterHackers - Do I contact them for any missing parts or Carbide 3d?

I was so hoping to get this up and running this weekend :frowning:


Contact us at support@carbide3d.com but we’ll need the details of your Matterhackers order.

You may find the old upgrade instructions at: https://docs.carbide3d.com/shapeoko-faq/shapeoko-3-limit-switch-installation/ helpful

Naturally if there are missing parts we’ll make good on this.

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Thanks William. I’ve sent email with order number. I’ve looked at several assembly videos on line and I am definitely missing the smaller l shaped x axis bracket.

Thanks for the quick response. I will also check out the other documentation you linked to.

Thanks again !


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