Mississippi has a new flag

We have the state flags up in the site where we are moving our Library elements to:


But unfortunately, haven’t found time to fully develop and update this. In the recent election, Mississippi replaced the flag which they had changed to under Reconstruction:

(Anyone not familiar with the usage of the variations of the Confederate Battle Flag — is enjoined to read: https://www.bartleby.com/248/740.html )

The file is available from Wikimedia:

but opens up blank in Carbide Create — so open it up in Inkscape:

switch to View | Display Mode | Outline:

Since there’s nothing obviously wrong, File | Save As | and choose PDF, File | Revert, File | Save As and choose SVG, then open in Carbide Create:

Scale if desired.


Flag_of_Mississippi.c2d (342.8 KB)


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