Mobility / Temp storage for XXL

Hi everyone,

I’m a furniture maker looking to get into CNC and the XXL seems perfect for me. My issue as probably is for many of you is space. I have a 24” x 9’ handtool workbench & a 4’ x 8’ assembly table (dead flat torsion box top). I’d like to use it on this assembly table periodically when CNCing pieces and move it off onto its side or hang or anywhere off the table when not in use. I don’t have space on the shop floor to put it on casters. Can it be stored on its side when not in use? Any issues with doing this?



It can technically be stored that way, the problem ends up being one of practicality. The router will flop to one side with the power off and tipped on it’s side. Every time you move it like that(particularly an XXL, remember, it’s 4 ft square, and kind of heavy) it will likely shift/twist out of square, which can cause all sorts of issues if you don’t re-square it when you set it back up, which can be time consuming. Maybe there’s some clever solution to this, but I don’t know what it is.

So, not saying you can’t, or it won’t work, it just might not be actually as practical as it appears.

If you have the overhead room, something like this might work.

You could position it over your table of choice and drop it down as needed.

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Farking brilliant, man! This is exactly what I’m going to do! Thanks so much for the suggestion!

Not a problem. Let us know how it works out. I’m sure that there are others with the same issue.

I have one of these, works great with a drill. I don’t use it with my shapeoko. Will take a bit of modification to make the platform suitable.

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