Model Shape Options Explained

Been searching but can’t seem to find anywhere the options in “Model Shape” are explained.

Particularly the “Merge Type” and what those different options actually do.
I’ve played around with some shapes & it seems some Merge types don’t do anything.

Merge Type often has to interact w/ a pre-existing geometry in order to have a difference.

OK, so I take a rectangle & circle that intersect. Choosing the circle 2nd…

Add combines the height where they intersect

Subtract reduces the height where they intersect. (Inverts the new object & subtracts)


Min chooses the lower shape where they intersect

Max chooses the higher shape

Multiply doesn’t do anything in this example. Is there another example that shows what it does?

Equal? Chooses the new object where they intersect??

Is there any way to do an Intersect?

And looking at a previous request… (@Ed.E )

Is it possible to add a chamfer on the back edge of each slot?

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OK, I think I found one solution for @Ed.E challenge

I created 2 rectangles, one on the edge of the slot 0.100 wide and the length of the slot and subtracted a flat shape 0.100 tall.



Then I created a rectangle, also on the edge of the slot, but about 7.75 long & 0.200 wide, made a Angle shape & used the “Max” merge method. I had to add a base height of 0.88 to raise it up to the level of the slot.



Thanks @Tod1d, I’ll revisit that later today.

Still no hints on…

Looking at recent post on FB wanting to cut text into a baseball bat…
I created a 2" x 10" rectangle. Created a shape, round, 90°, 1" height, Add
I expected a semi-cylinder but got this


What size & settings would I need to produce a 2" diameter cylinder?

A document explaining how the Model options all work would be really helpful.

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