Modeling a Cribbage Board

Can someone point me in the right direction for how you could use Carbide Create to design a cribbage board? I’m thinking oval racetrack at first, but hoping that there is a trick for how to easily lay out the pin holes. Thanks!

Check out this site there is one on it someone has made.


Well, there is a trick for laying out the holes, at least the way I made my unique cribbage board, but it’s not something you can do in Carbide Create. It’s not too difficult, however, in Inkscape, which is a free vector drawing app that makes an excellent partner to Carbide Create. (You do the complex design steps in Inkscape, then save an SVG and import it into Carbide Create.)

I did a little writeup of how I designed that custom cribbage board, including my process for the holes. (Click “Hole Group Setup”, “Path Design”, and “Placing the holes” to expand the sections.) Here’s a link to the thread:


There are some links/resources at:

Using Inkscape should work well, and there’s one on Wikimedia done using Inkscape.

and there is one at:

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