Modeling tab: add/subtract shape on a tilted plane

I love the concept of the CCP modeling tab, its user interface and features. I know that the modeling concept is relatively new, but one thing strikes me as absent - that is the ability to add/subtract a component that is tilted (for lack of a better term). When a shape layer is added it can be flat, rounded or angled. However, “angled” has kind of a strange meaning like lifting the mesh from its center point into the prescribed height. I can see that this has certain applications and have used it in a couple of projects. However, I have found many other times when I wanted what I suggest is a more basic angle tool. What I’m suggesting is the shape on a tilted (inclined) plane.

Will, before you give up time telling me how to get around this, I’ve seen your earlier work around. You are a master at finding ways to use CC/CCP well beyond what many of us think is possible. However, your work around is likely not practical, and perhaps not possible, for a really complex object that involved multiple inclined planes of differing angles.

There are many enhancements that could make modeling (image editing) in CC better.
This is certainly one where I would 2nd the motion.

One thing that really troubles me is components getting trimmed to the workpiece before they are built.
If I wanted it trimmed to the workpiece, I would create a rectangle the same size as the workpiece.
But if I create a vector larger than the workpiece, I think it should build the component to that shape, and then trim the results to the workpiece.

For example, If I build this as an angled component, I get this


Where I should be getting this, (pretty much what you wanted!)



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