Modern Adirondak Chair

My grandson got a house in January. Yhey have a nice patio in the back and a front porch with a rotten bench left behind. I found a nice modern Adirondak chair on Izzy Swan’s site. It came with mdf templates and a plan. The plan and a youtube video are less than helpful. Plus the templates do not match the plans measurements.

Since I want to make multiple chairs i measured up the templates and created a Carbide Create project. I got some of the parts cut out today. Happy with the work so far. I will need to still need to make a couple of parts with templates and flush cutting router bit. The first pic is of a finished chair (not mine). The site also had some free outdoor chair plans and i cut one out the traditional wat. I will use Shapeoko to vcarve his name and mayve a design.

I will finish both types of chairs with Olympic opaque stain. I bought a $16.00 harbor freight gravity feed hvlp gun to spray the chairs. I have an Earlex hvlp sprayer but fot $16.00 I can toss it after project if clogged up.


I am using a new bit I have not used before. It is a Melin AMG-808-E. It is a 1/4 inch 2 flute 60 degree helix (upcut) with 1.5 inch cut length. I have been cutting 1.5 inch treated wet wood all afternoon and it has been great. It is an industrial bit suitable for stainless, steel and alum. It is cutting this with very good edges. I still have to sand off the tabs and there are a few rough spots but that is grain direction. The bit was $28.50 so not cheap but not over priced. I ordered a couple of Yonico 14037Q from Amazon. They are straight 2 flute with 1.5 inch cutting depth. Hope I dont need them for this project.

Just came in from the shop. Been cutting out the second chair all day. I am pleased with the results. On my first part today I forgot to reset the depth in the files. I created the tool paths with 1.5 inch material. After I cut the blanks for the parts I ran them through the planner to get a good even surface. Treated 2by material has mill marks all over them. After all they are not meant to build furniture from. When i got through they were 1.460 inches. The first piece I cut I was worried I would cut my tabs away and the pieces would get loose. I stopped the first run when I could see the wasteboard. I adjusted the other pieces for the new material height and resaved the tool paths. If you change material thickness and used “Use Stock Bottom” the material size is read from the set up and does not automatically change in the tool paths. I edited the tool paths and hit “Use Stock Bottom” and it picked up the material height. I then saved the tool paths.

My Shapeoko XXL ran flawlessly through a lot of 2by material and worked perfectly.

To join the pieces together I decided to use BeadLock loose tenons. I still may add a couple of stainless steel screws for belts and suspenders. Over the years I buy clearance stuff and it has always paid dividends in the end. I can never pass a clearance table without a good look. Even my HDZ was bought on sale. The new Shapeoko models look good but my Shapeoko 3 is a work horse.


Would you consider sharing the project file for the Adirondack chair?

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I got the back carved on one chair. My grandson has a 72 Cutlas and a modern Challenger. I just finished carving the Challenger and will paint and finish sh tomorrow.


Here is the Challenger painted but not sanded.

Hete is the Challenger sanded. This is an example how the same species and same bits have different outcomes. The Challenger is much rougher in the detail. These were cut from two different boards.


I now have all 4 of my chairs cut out and sanded. I have two different chairs from Izzy Swan’s site, the Modern Adirondack Chair and the Outdoor Chair. The Outdoor Chairs were the ones I made the Cutlas and Challenger carvings above. The seats will have cushions but I wanted to personalize them. The seat has two 2x9.75X21 inch board and I carved my Grandson’s name in the front board. I got some JB Weld Clear Epoxy last night at Lowes and mixed up 10 drops of Transtint Alcohol Based Black dye and 2 oz of harderner and 2 oz of Resin using a scale and filled in his name I had carved 1/8 inch thick. I used painters tape to mask off the clear space on the board to speed up cleanup. I did that last night about midnight and this morning about 09:00 I checked it and it felt a little soft but firm. I will wait the 24 hours and then face it off. If it does not work I will just cut some more boards. After I had applied the epoxy I read on the JB Weld site/forum that you can use alcohol to soften dried epoxy. Since I used 10 drops of alcohol based dye I hope I did not snake bite myself. Will post t he pics when leveled off tomorrow.

I took my second Maderna Covid shot yesterday about noon. I felt fine all evening but this morning about 06:00 I woke up with the chills. I got out of bed and put my robe on to get some Motrin for the fever. I never shook so hard in all my life. I got the Motrin and took 3 and went back to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and felt pretty good but tired. The tiredness may be because my sleep was interupted. Anyway it is about 1:45 PM and I feel fine but tired. I hope this is the worst of it. My arm on the first shot was sore for a few days but so far my arm is not sore after the second injection. Hopefully I can get back to work on my projects. I have stain/sealer to spray outside but not until I am 100%. I learned a long time ago when you are not 100% dont play with your toys. My tools are like a cruel mistress and if you dont give them all my attention they try to spite you. That spite could me minor or major, either way I dont want to find out.

Well I could not wait. Here is the surfaced chair bottom.

A few pin holes and a little bleeding into the pores. I removed about .05 inches starting from the high spot on the exoxy. I cleaned it with mineral spirits after sanding 80 and 120 grit. Caution on pine, the more you sand it the worse it gets. Pine is soft. The growth rings are harder than the pith between the rings. If you keep sanding the pine starts to feel like a wash board. The softer pith gets worn down more than the rings. So sand it smooth and quit.


The chairs are stunning. Happy to hear you’ve had your second shot.

Guy, the same thing happened to me on the first shot (Pfizer.) Including internal pain in my midsection. No fever. Didn’t last 2 hours. I went back to sleep and woke up fine, but sore.

I’m sure hoping the second shot will improve.

PS. Yeah, I know, old farts talking about aches and pains, but this is a leetle bit different! :smiley:

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Your chairs make me want to make my wife that glider swing she’s always wanted! +1

My first Pfizer shot made me feel worn out for about 3 days. No pain, just no energy. My second shot? No ill effects at all.

3+ weeks out from my second and ready for this to be over. But still masking up, staying at home (except for work) and hand sanitizing, because until everyone is vaccinated, it’s the right thing to do.

I heard a radio program with a virologist and he stated if everyone in the world washed thier hands 9 times a day 90 percent of communicable disease would be wiped out. Here in the west that is easy to do but in many parts of the world that is not possible. With all the strife in the world I think our next big crisis will be water. So when brushing your teeth turn the water off unril you are through. We waste millions of gallons of water every day. Millions of gallons some one wants desparately.


So I got a wagner 250 airless sprayer and got everything coated once. I will look tomorrow to see if they need a second coat. The wagner did a pretty good job with the thick stain/sealer.

I got a full house of drying parts.


Getting close to the end.


Parallel to the chairs I am recycling a cafe table. I took the table apart and polished chrome and painted base. I made top from 2x6 treated. Cut with carter bandsaw jig and flattened on xxl.

I have a 16 inch SCM bandsaw but the 1 inch carbide resaw blade would take an hour to setup with a 1/4 inch blade. The 7 tpi blade was a little labored but cut perfectly.

The top is 6 boards glued and pocket screwed. I used a champher bit to lighten the appearance from a side profile.

I got a 32 inch planner I did know I had.


Making progress with chairs. Had to find some stainless steel screws. Will drill back slats tomorrow. I drilled chair screws 1/4 inch deep so I could plug them with 1/2 inch dowels.

I am very good about getting projects 90 percent done and losing interest. I have limited space to store projects so got tired of project so committed to finishing and delivering.


Well I was going to finish this tomorrow but I was in the shop smoking a cigar and set up the drilling jig so I got excited and drilled the back slats. Being excited I screwed the slats on. I need to touch up stain and start on assembly of the second chair.

Slat drilling jig

One down one to go.


Here is the remaining chair. This time I will plug holes before assembly. Then only 4 holes to plug after assembly for the curved back stretchers.


Guy, those are purty! Something about the direction of the slats makes it look unique. +1

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This project is complete. The car chairs are complete as well. My Wood Mag table is stained and ready for assembly. The bistro table top warped. I got more lumber and roygh cut it today. After dinner I will plane and edge joint and glue up. Tomorrow I will cut into circle. Then finish. I am ready to get this stuff finished and delivered. It was about 92 degrees and 99 percent humidity. Summer has arrived with a vengece.